Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I Heart Make Up - Chocolate Desire

So recently I went into my town centres Superdrug to have a look at what I could pick up from Revolutions new I <3 Make Up range. The range they had in store was a little disappointing, nothing like what they have available online, so I only picked up a I <3 Bronzer in Chocolate Desire and a You’re Gorgeous Eye Shadow palette, which is definitely gorgeous. There are a lot of shadows to get through on it, so I won’t write up a review until I’ve given them all a good try.

This product is extremely cheap, just £3.99. It is also the larger bronzer I have ever had, which is great because it means there is more powder. They also sell a chocolate shimmer, which is obviously very shimmery, and a Chocolate Heaven, which is the same as Desire but in a darker shade. Now first off I was a little disappointed with the choice of colours, Desire actually looks quite dark, much darker than my natural shade.

You have to be very careful when applying this! Don’t underestimate how pigmented it is just because it is cheap. You must apply this with a big brush, and just lightly dust it with the powder. The first time I used this I made myself look extremely dark and patchy, so make sure to use lightly! It also creates a lot of left over powder. The powder becomes very loose in the compact which means that it tends to go everywhere when you’re using it. 

However, the colour is gorgeous, if used lightly then the shade is a lovely glowing bronzer, not as brown and daunting as it looks in the compact. And it is extremely long lasting. I put this on yesterday morning at 6:30 – yes that is the time I do my make up (poor me) and it lasted all day sat behind a desk and an hour and a half gym session! It is amazing!!

Definitely worth a buy, especially at this price!

In this photo I have just applied No 7 Primer, No 7 Foundation, E.L.F concealer and the I <3 Bronzer all over my face to create a slight all over glow.

Have you tried this bronzer? What did you think?
What other I <3 Make Up Products have you tried?


  1. Great review! And makeup surviving gym is always a bonus :) I usually get so red and warm that I throw some water on my towel to cool down my face. I like the little hearts on the product.

  2. Sounds like a good product. I love that it lasts all day, just what I need 😄

  3. Lovely post! :)

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