About Me

Hi Everyone

My name is Megan, I'm 23 and I'm an accountant from Merseyside UK. Pretty new onto the blogging scene, but I've enjoyed reading beauty blogs and watching youtube beauty blogs for a few years now and thought I would finally take the plunge and give writing my own blog a go!

I love all things cosmetic! I love trying out new products and finding bargain products that rival luxury brands. I try not to get set in my ways when it comes to brands and to try and experiment as much as I can.

My job, friends, family and boyfriend keep me very busy. I currently work 9-5 as an accountant and study for my accountancy exams on evenings and weekends. When I'm not busy working hard I love socialising with my friends whether that be going clubbing, sitting in a pub or watching a girly film having a glass of wine. We try to see eachother as much as we can. As you can see I am a very busy bee, but I like it that way!

Hope you enjoy reading through my blog,
please contact me with any questions or feedback, it would be very much appreciated!


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