Sunday, 4 October 2015

Autumn 15 Yankee Candles

It is now well and truly Autumn, there is no denying it, it’s time to face the fact that summer is over, Christmas is right around the corner and things are about to get really cold and wet, but there is no need to be bikini ready anymore, so have a flapjack, put on some fluffy socks and an over sized jumper, and lets embrace the berry lip and golden eyeshadow season together! I for one have been getting in to the Autumn spirit for a while now and now that it is now more socially acceptable I am going to start sharing some of my autumnal blog posts (Yayyyy!), starting with this one. As soon as September hit I started my Autumn candle hunt and two weeks ago I took the plunge and went to my local garden centre to pick up some Yankee Candles. Each season I pick up my desired votives and whichever one is my favourite seasonal scent, I buy it in a large jar so I can burn it until my heart’s content (Summer’s was Black Coconut if you’re interested). So here’s what I bought for Autumn 2015!

Vanilla Bourbon
This made the big jar cut, after sniffing too many candles I decided that this was the one! It was a new scent, so it was one of the first ones that I spotted. It smells very rich and quite sweet. If you aren’t a vanilla lover, you probably won’t like this. I love vanilla, but I think of it as a year round scent, so this makes it much more cosy and Autumn friendly! It smells a little bit of coffee, but not overly, it’s just a very deep home cooking kind of smell. I absolutely love it and it definitely gives off a cosy vibe!

Cosy by the Fire
This is one of the Christmas candles, I find that some Christmas candles smell only of Christmas (Christmas Day/Christmas Eve/Christmas Cookie) but some of them can be used any time during Autumn and Winter, this is one of those scents. It smells like gingery orange, which is such a warming cosy fragrance.

Bundle Up
Another Christmas scent this one smells of freshly washed laundry, that is the only way I can describe it. A nice fresh scent, it reminds me of a lovely snug jumper fresh out of the washing machine. I think this one could easily be used all year round.

Gingerbread Maple
I love gingery scents, and this one is one of my favourites. It’s a spicy scent that isn’t as Christmassy as Cinnamon, really gorgeous smell. If you love spicy Autumn candles then you will love this.

Honey Glow
This is a repurchase for me, this is one of my all time favourites. Once this is lit, it smells amazing! Really smooth and cosy, not too rich or sweet or spicy. If you don’t like spicy or sickly smells that give this one a try. It fills the room with a lovely smell that won’t offend anyone. It smells of honey and is super warming. The picture is a typical autumn scene and the colour of the candle is burnt orange, so if you’re looking for the perfect jar to look great in your autumn themed room, this is it!

Tarte Tatin
This smells exactly like a tarte tatin, it is a little spicy and very appley, a typical autumn scent, this is exactly what you want to create a fresh spicy room! Love this one!

Red Apple Wreath
This one was also a Christmas one, but because it was so appley, I couldn’t help but pick it up. It didn’t smell overly Christmassy, definitely a scent that you can enjoy in Autumn. Quite sweet and fresh, with a hint of spice!

Cinnamon Stick
This smells like pure cinnamon, I am not the biggest cinnamon lover, so my plan with this is to burn it along side another candle to make it a little spicer and a little more Autumn friendly!

Pain Au Raisin
This is another of my all time favourites. I have three of these ready to be burnt, everytime I buy a Yankee Candle I pick up another one of these. It is a cinnamon, vanilla and raisin scent, exactly like a pain au raisin (which strangely enough I don’t eat because of the cinnamon). Perfect for Autumn and is super cosy. I also used this in Summer, and lit it when we were having breakfast or brunch.

Sugared Apple
I think this may have been a Christmas candle too, this smells like vanilla apples, such a lovely fresh smell, and I am sure as you have guessed by now, I think apples smell like Autumn!

Berry Trifle
Rob actually picked this one, it smells of Berries and vanilla, it’s quite sweet, but not Spring sweet. It’s a really lovely scent and could definitely be used year round.

I am so made up with my new Yankee Candles, I like to get some votives because then I can change up the scents and have an array of different kinds of scents throughout the season. I also wanted the spiced orange, but there weren’t any in stock!
What are your favourite Autumn Scents?


  1. I am an avid lover on cinnamon so it's my go-to autumn and winter candle! I wish I was able to light candles in my uni room! xx

  2. These sound amazing! Vanilla is my favourite scent so i would totally indulge in the vanilla bourbon.

    Keisha xo

  3. I've been looking at purchasing one of the jar candles. Boots currently have them in their Christmas 3 for 2 Mix & Match offer but they don't have the full range which is a shame. I personally love the smell of cinnamon, because it reminds me of Christmas so it'll definitely be a purchase for me! I may to try Black Coconut too xx