Friday, 22 April 2016

Manna Kadar Conditioning Lash Primer

We never forget to condition our hair in the shower or moisturise our skin before bed, but no one ever tells us that we should be conditioning our lashes! Whenever we complain about our hair not growing longer or looking thicker, hairdressers just tell us to look after our hair better, deep condition it more, get it trimmed more regularly, don’t cram it full of product, and then once your hair is healthier, it should also look healthier. So many people want thicker, longer eye lashes, but never actually do anything to try and make that happen.

When I was a teenager I used to lather Vaseline over my eyelashes before bed every night, I don’t know if it worked, or it was potentially harmful, but all I knew was that my lashes needed some TLC.

Recently I got this, the Manna Kadar conditioning lash primer, and it is incredible. You apply it before applying your mascara, it comes out white, clumpy and it dries super fast, so you need to apply your mascara right after you use it. It primes lashes to make sure your mascara lasts all day, but it also acts as a base layer (remember the craze of white and black ended mascaras?!) so lashes look super thick once you apply mascara.

But more importantly it conditions and nourishes lashes to make them stronger and thicker, this stuff really works, I’ve definitely seen a difference in the thickness of my lashes and how soft they feel. Absolutely love this stuff, definitely worth a purchase!

Do you use any lash conditioners? If so, what are they?

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