Thursday, 20 November 2014

Glossybox October 2014

Glossybox October 2014

I know I'm a bit late in writing my October Glossybox review as I have just received my Nov box, and I apologise! I like to make sure that I've tried each product a few times to be able to give a thorough review, and this month I’ve been very busy so have been a bit behind. The reason why I am so keen to review the Glossyboxes that I receive is because when I was debating whether or not to sign up to Glossybox I tried to find a good review online but struggled to find one that reviewed the products, most of them were just a list of what products were in the box, so if you're umming and ahhing about whether or not to sign up, make sure you have a good read.

So for those of you that don't know what a Glossybox is, it's a beauty box. A few products are selected for you and sent out each month. It's just £10 a month, but with p+p, you are looking at more like £14. The great thing about this is that you get to try before you buy and sometimes get introduced to brands that you might not have heard of before. The downside is that you might pay £10 for a collection of things that you would never buy in a million years or the colour or shade might be totally wrong!

October was Pop Art month, hence the box above. I actually really liked the theme. The box looks great! I'm currently using it to house some bits and bobs. From images that I saw on social media there were a few different boxes circulating using different images and colours. In October Glossybox were trying to be more green and instead of giving you a product card listing all of the products and their retail price, they uploaded it all online. It was a little annoying but when you think of the impact environmentally it isn't really a bit deal to have a look on your phone for the details.

So I'll start off with the Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute Mask. Ignoring all of the fancy French words it's a hydrating face mask. I started with this because every month when you receive your Glossybox you get a 'Sneak Peak' card that shows you a product in next month’s box (I love surprises, so I'm not overly fond of the card). This came as full sized, which was very nice. I've used it a few times and I've still got loads left so that's always good. It retails at £19.50 for 50ml. Now the instructions for this say to put it on your face, leave for 10 minutes, then gently massage in any excess. So the first few times I used this, I smothered it on, left it alone for 10 minutes then all of the mask started to peel off. It sort of looks like when you've had sun burn and your skin peels off - it looks gross! It doesn't cause much harm, it's just a little annoying and doesn’t look very nice. So I have just been using cotton wool to wipe over my face to get rid of the clumps of mask. Or alternatively, if you just apply a thin layer like with your morning moisturiser, it doesn't peel or clump at all. It's really nice to put on, smells extremely floral (not my thing, but not an awful smell) and more importantly it definitely works. It leaves your skin feeling very softy and looking great. Would I say this is worth £19.50 for 50ml? YES!
Check out this product and other Nuxe products here:

Now next I'll tell you about the Ciate paint pots. They are nail varnishes that were meant to add the 'pop' of colour that the box design was coinciding with. Well the colour I received was white. A bit disappointing, especially after seeing all of the lovely, interesting, bright colours that other people had received on social media. But none the less. I'd never tried Ciate nail varnishes before, even though I'd heard great things about them. It applied very easily and I love the design and shape of the bottle. The brush is great and it dries pretty quickly. The white is nice enough and takes about 3 coats for full coverage. In conclusion – great brand, boring colour. These retail at £9.00 each.

I also received a So Susan Flutter mascara. Now whenever I buy or receive a new mascara I get very excited. I naturally have long eyelashes (although sadly not very full) so I can get away with lots of mascara and fake eyelashes, so when I pulled this out of my Glossybox I was very pleased. However it turned out to be quite disappointing. Now the brush is very small, at first I was looking forward to it because I thought I'd be able to get at more lashes and give more of a fuller look. However all that really happened is that it all got a bit messy. It ends up going everywhere. Because my lashes are quite long if a mascara is too watery it ends up going all over my eye lids, which was exactly what happened. All in all, a bit of a disaster. However when I used cotton buds and concealer to hide all the mascara all over my face it looked alright. It lasted all day, and didn’t start to crumble like some do. It came in black and was a full size sample - not a mini. Retails at £14.95.

Now - on to my FAVOURITE. I love this!! So so pleased this came in my box. This is a small sample (very small) of Quelques Notes D'Amour. And WOW! What I love about this is that I never would have sampled this if it wasn't for it being in my Glossybox. I never would have picked this brand up but wow, it is gorgeous. It's a little tiny bit floral, a little bit fruity and a little bit musky. It kind of smells a bit similar to Alien by Thierry Mugler (which I adore!).  I can't really describe but if you haven't already, get down to a fragrance shop and give it a sniff. I will definitely be buying it when my little sample runs out. It retails at £33.00 for 30ml

I also received a little BB Matte Mini by Rimmel. Now this is a bit ridiculous - but I've never tried a BB cream before. I always stick to a foundation or a tinted moisturiser if I'm just nipping to the shop. So I was very very excited that it finally gave me a push to try a BB cream. Now this retails at £6.99 for 30ml so it's completely reasonable and this is something that you could add into your daily routine. Now it's meant to be a multitasking 9-in-1 skin perfecting makeup with a natural formula to give a flawless Matte Look. And it said you can apply with a foundation brush or with fingers. Well I recently went away with my boyfriend to the Lake District and I took this with me. One morning we had over slept and he was moaning at how long I had taken in the shower so I thought I better speed up my extensive morning make up ritual, I whacked this on using my fingers, put on some blusher, penciled in my eye brows and put on some eye liner and mascara
and I was ready. And this worked a treat. It is very light to wear, and doesn't go shiny throughout the day like some thick foundations. It made my skin feel really soft but did also give enough coverage to hide all my red splodges. It was great and I am definitely converted. And when I walked out my boyfriend even complimented my on how good I looked - so it's a win-win.

And lastly is the etrebelle lip peel. Now this looks like a lip gloss when you unscrew the lid, but it is an exfoliator for your lips. It smells lovely, very sweet and rubs onto your lips very easily. You lightly squeeze the tube (like a lip gloss) and rub along your lips, you then rub it in on your lips and it gets rid of your chapped lips and takes off flakey skin. Now I’ve used a few of these, the e.l.f one is one of my favourites. But unlike the e.l.f one, this has much smaller beads and isn’t as harsh on your lips, this is more like an exfoliator that you could use every day. It’s very soft, not too harsh, but it definitely does the trick. A fantastic product. Retails at £12.95 for 15ml.

Another fantastic month's Glossybox! Well worth signing up guys!
Let me know what you thought on October's Glossybox, or what other great beauty boxes there are out there.


  1. I definately want to try out this BB cream from Rimmel. This box looks incredible!

    1. It looks and feels great! And at such a cheap price it's definitely worth a try!

  2. I want a GlossyBox! I tried the Birch Box but I wasn't too happy with it. This one looks a lot better!

    1. I've never tried Birch Box so wouldn't be able to compare the two, but I'm definitely a Glossybox fan. Check out my review for September's glossybox too. That might help you decide

  3. I used to love Glossybox, but I unsubscribed because I thought it started to go really down hill. But this one actually looks really good, maybe I'll have to get back on it!

    Katie xx