Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Little Hotties Great For Candle Lovers!

Recently I have been on a weeks holiday to the Lake District with my boyfriend. I absolutely loved it! We stayed in a gorgeous log cabin in the picturesque town of Windermere. We went to a museum, an aquarium, a zoo, a farm and on a lovely walk to a waterfall called Aira Force (definitely worth a visit if you ever go) along with some great other places. I have a habit of buying too many souvenirs! We have a fridge magnet from every place that we have visited together (we go on a lot of weekends away) and I have a scrap book filled with pictures, post cards and ticket stubs from our trips! So on our last day I dragged my boyfriend round many souvenir shops buying little presents for my family, a fridge magnet, too many post cards and 'lake district' shot glasses (I have no idea why?!). It was in one of these souvenir shops, where I stumbled upon Little Hotties by Bomb Cosmetics.

If you are a candle lover then this is a must read!! But they would also make an amazing Christmas present! A Little Hottie feels like a little piece of wax, they were all spread out in like a pick'n'mix kind of table. Each hottie has a cute design and a bright colour, each one of those represents a different smell, when these are heated they melt down to what looks like an oil. 

I didn't already have an oil burner, so I bought this silver one which was also in the souvenir shop, I absolutely love it! But if you don't already have an oil burner then Bomb Cosmetics sell them on their website. They are plain white but are only £8.99 or if you buy a Little Hotties gift pack, there is an oil burner in there and also some wax melts for just £15.00.

Now how you use them is pretty much up to you. I just went along the pick'n'mix table smelling each Hottie and if I loved the smell then I put it into my Hottie box. The full box cost £6.99 and is said to have up to 132 hours of aroma in it. I'm not really a floral loving person, so I chose a lot of fruity scents and some like coconut, almond, vanilla and biscuit. The only floral scent that I can't resist is Jasmine. When using the Little Hotties, you put three or four hotties into the top of your oil burner and light a plain scented tea light underneath (Bomb Cosmetics also sell these on their website), as the Hotties start to melt they mix together to create an oil and the smell fills the room. On their own as little pieces of wax they smell amazing, but when melted down it is gorgeous! Every time I go into my bedroom I light it, I am obsessed!! You can pop in 3 or 4 of the same scent, for example all coconut or all Almond, or you can follow a Menu for example Blackcurrant, Cranberry, Strawberry and Raspberry Ripple makes a scent called Very Berry. This Menu comes in a little booklet which you can pick up when choosing your Hotties or you can download it off of their website! If you're adventurous, you can try and make your own by adding in 3 or 4 Hotties of different scents.

I haven't had chance to try all of my scents yet, so I can't really recommend many to you but I have tried all Vanilla, which was lovely and very long lasting and strong smelling. And I have also made one of my own combinations using Biscuit, Vanilla and Citrus Blizzard. It smells lovely, quite fruity but not over powering, quite a warming fresh smell. It is lovely!!

In terms of my other wax melts, I haven't melted them down yet but as a solid piece of wax my favourites are Coconut, Mango, Log Fire (very Christmassy), Pink Marshmallow, Strawberry and Banana. Not all of the scents that they have were sold in the shop I was in, but all are available online some of the more interesting ones that I would love to smell are Chocolate Orange, Bottle of Bubbly, Morning Coffee and Xmas Pudding. They currently have 57 different scents on their Menu. I have been recommended to try Gingerbread, Citrus Blizzard and Cinnamon for a Christmassy Gingerbread Man Scent! If you order a box of Little Hotties online you pick just 4 scents, so if I were you I would try to go into a store first to have a browse at all the different smells and have a play around with all the different scents to try and make your own lovely fragrance. There is a list of retailers on their website, a lot seem to be in garden centres, but I am sure there would be one near you. When the tea light isn’t on the oil solidifies back to a wax block and can be reheated until the scent runs out.

Bomb Cosmetics also sell Candles, Bath Bombs and handmade Soaps however I am yet to try any of these, but I think it would definitely be worth a browse around their website!

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