Monday, 24 November 2014

Bourjois Bronzing Powder, Worth The Hype?

Is Bourjois Bronzing Powder, Worth The Hype?

I have always avoided Bourjois products, I’ve never really bothered to spend money on them and haven’t really given them much of a chance. A few years ago I tried a Bourjois blusher – I actually stole it from my Mum. And it was awful! A whole other level of awful. It was hard to use and looked dreadful on. You couldn’t just rub your brush on it, you had to scrub your brush in to pick up any powder as the blusher was so compressed. It was like a solid block. Since this, I ignored everything that I have heard and read about Bourjois and continued to use other bronzers even though most people I know, and most beauty bloggers own a Bourjois Bronzing Powder.

The other day I was doing my usual hour long stroll around Superdrug and I saw the Bourjois stand. There were so many more products that looked new and exciting, and so well presented. I thought that it was about time to take the plunge and give Bourjois another chance, hoping that over the past few years it had amended it’s flaws and really was worth the hype. I bought the Bourjois Bronzing Powder Tanned 52 for £7.99.
Now, I can’t comment on any other product that they do, or the blusher that they now sell, but the Bronzing Powder definitely didn’t disappoint. It looks great for, the chocolate image is different and looks really cool. The magnetic case is very practical and means it can easily go in your handbag and you can use it on the go. And it smells absolutely lovely. It has a slight shimmer in it which gives your skin a nice, warm glow. And it is a fabulous colour, not too light or too dark, and has a slightly red tone. Overall it’s great, I absolutely love it, I only wish I had given Bourjois a chance sooner. I will definitely be going back and picking up some other Bourjois products!

What do you think of the Bourjois Bronzing Powder? And what other Bourjois products do you love?


  1. I love Bourjois products but I found this to be a little too orange on me. I found it hard to pick up on my brush, too. Glad you like it though! Maybe I just had a bad one :)

    1. It seems like their powders aren't very 'crumbly', makes it hard to get a pigmented colour. What other Bourjois products do you like? I'd love to know some recommendations.

  2. I used to use either Bourjois or Benefit foundations & blusher/ bronzing powders but never been totally satisfied with coverage/ colour match. I recently discovered - have you heard of them? If not you should give them a try! X

  3. This product, unfortunately, doesn't appear in Greece, would like to try it. I was also kind of avoiding Bourjois, because of the loose powder I had. It dried my skin off and broke me out, it was awful. But their mascaras, lip products and eyeshadows are quite good. nice review, have a beautiful evening:)

  4. I wanted to try this but my friends put me off it, I definitely will now. I'd love to include you in my favourite blogs of December! If this is alright with you, comment over on my blog and let me know -

  5. I love the few Bourjois products I picked up when I went to London. I wish we could find them easily in the States!