Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My Very BIG News

So first off let me apologise. I have been massively neglecting my blog recently and haven’t posted for a while. I haven’t done my weekly weight loss updates, my Glossybox reviews or any other posts. So don’t worry I will try my best to get back up to date as soon as possible. It’s all due to being extremely busy and this is why.

At the start of 2015 me and Rob decided it was time to start saving up to finally leave our parent’s homes and get a place of our own. We were hoping to start renting a lovely little flat at some point this year. Our plan was to open a joint account, and start putting in £75 a week in each to start saving up money so we would have enough for a deposit, initial month’s rent and all our furniture. We were hoping to do this until around April/May then we would start looking around and viewing some flats.

As I’m sure you all know – nothing ever goes to plan! There has been a new property development near to my home. There are 10 flats above a Sainsbury’s and what will be a doctors and a vets. It is in a perfect location and they only let to people from the local area and who work full time. I love the place, I love that it’s not hundreds of floors of flats and I love that it’s a new build. However you had to express interest in it before the end of January.

So thinking that it wouldn’t be finished until the middle of the year, we filled out an application form and expressed interest. We were then told to take supporting documents, after we had taken those into the office we had to run around and get copies of our pay slip, bank statements and employment contracts. I then received a phone call asking if they could have an interview with us. We both booked the day off of work to meet with a member of the lettings team, she told us that the flat was ours but we would need to supply a character reference from our employers and fill out another form and have a meeting to do a pre-tenancy financial check. And the build should be ready to view mid Feb – YES, Mid February!! After then we will be able to view the flat and then sign!!

So yes, I am so so so excited, but I have been completely rushed off of my feet. I’ve been buying baking trays, and cutlery, plates, cushions and candles. I have visited IKEA three times and now know the Argos catalogue front to back. I have been filling out forms, and making countless phone calls as well as going to work and studying for my exam in a few weeks. So because of this my blog has definitely been ignored, which is hard because I love my blog and I love chatting with everyone in the community.

I will keep everyone updated with my moving out journey and let everyone know how it’s going. But as for now I will try and catch up with blogging and doing what I love while I have a bit of breathing space.

Also any tips, advice or home furnishing ideas would be extremely appreciated.
If any of you have any blog posts about cheap home furnishings comment them below and I’ll be sure to check them out.


  1. That's great news, it'll be a wonderful chapter of your lives! Good luck with the moving process :) x

  2. This is amazing news congratulations!! Oh god what a rush but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end :)
    Steph xx

  3. Wow this is crazy!
    My boyfriend & I started renting our flat around 6 months ago & I can't believe how much the letting agent has made you do - I guess we were really lucky that we just needed to read/sign the lease & have a guarantor.

    But besides being stressful & expensive moving house is so much fun! Asda has some amazingly cheap but lovely home products!



  4. I'm so happy for you! Great news! <3