Thursday, 26 February 2015

Weight Loss Progress W7

This is week 7 of my New Year diet, and this week I lost 1 pound! Not a great deal, but atleast I’m still losing weight. My total weight loss now is 7.5 pounds! But I definitely need to up my game!

You can follow my weight loss progress here:

So let me tell you how I’ve done it this week..
My diet is basically slimming world, but with a few twists as I’m quite fussy, love junk food and hate veg and salads!
So let me start with this week’s top tips!

Top Tips

Treat yourself If you are craving a biscuit, or a bag of crisps just have them. If you don’t allow yourself to, you will just become miserable. You are more likely to stick with a diet if you allow yourself the OCCASIONAL treat.

If like me, you also hate the gym, try to stay active as best you can, do things like take the stairs or walk to the shops

I always stick to counting saturated fat, I don’t take notice of calories or sugar, saturated fat is what we store, so that is what I concentrate on and I love carbs! This diet works for me and it helps me lose weight. Not all diets work for everyone, but this is definitely worth giving a go!

What I Ate

Wednesday 11th Feb
Granola and semi-skimmed milk
Bachelors Pasta and Sauce – Tomato, Onion and herbs
A handful of Percy Pigs
Teriyaki Chicken subway in flat bread with lettuce and sweet onion sauce
Handful of Wine Gums

Instead of snacking on chocolate, try to eat jelly sweets, these have much less saturated fat in. But don’t eat too many as there is still lots of sugar and calories. The pasta is great, you just add water and boil through for about 10 minutes. It tastes lovely and is low in fat.

Thursday 12th Feb
Granola and semi-skimmed milk (again a small bowl – 30g)
Super Noodles – Curry
Muller Light
Handful of wine gums
Slimming World Spag Bol (recipe below)

If you follow my weight loss progress you will know that I rely on my Super Noodles. They are low in fat and easy to whip up while you’re at work. Muller Lights are great because they have no fat!

Friday 13th Feb
Granola and Milk
Yesterdays Spag Bol
Muller Light
Handful of Skittles

Yes, an Indian is naughty! But the Indian near mine does slimming world meals. They don’t use their usual oil so the curries aren’t as fatty. And they taste almost exactly the same, so Rob doesn’t mind sharing them with me. Eat with boiled rice and Pilau is covered in oil! Although I did have a bit of naan bread and popadoms – Oops!

Saturday 14th Feb
Mcdonals sausage and egg mcmuffin meal
Banana Muffins
Chicken Tikka Baguette
Italian – Spicy tomato pasta
Garlic Pizza Bread
Crem Brulee
Large glass of wine
I know!!! But it was Valentines day and me and my boyfriend were out celebrating! So I took the whole day as a cheat day – which you definitely shouldn’t do! But it was great, chocolates, a lovely Italian and a Mojito! What more could a girl ask for?

Sunday 14th Feb
Bacon, beans, eggs and one piece of dry toast
Popcorn – sweet (0.8g of Sat Fat)
French fries crisps
Hot Dogs

On slimming world, you can still enjoy a full breakfast to cure any hangover! Cut the fat off of your bacon and grill it. Fry your eggs in Fry light! It tastes lovely and hardly any fat! I try to opt for popcorn instead of crisps and it’s very low in fat and French Fries are really low in calories!

Monday 15th Feb
Granola and Milk
Bachelors Pasta Packet
Muller Light
Turkey skewers and boiled potatos
Handful of Wine Gums

Turkey is great because it is even more healthy than chicken. Cut it into chunks, roll in spices and put on a skewer and place in the oven. Serve with potatoes – but don’t add butter.

Tuesday 17th Jan
Granola and Milk
Super Noodles – Curry
Muller Light
Slimming World curry (recipe below)


Slimming world Spag Bol
Fry minced pork in a few sprays of fry light, add in chopped onions and peppers! Once all fried add in a tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 tsp garlic paste, 1tsp cumin, 1tsp oregano, season to taste! Eat with dried spaghetti.

Slimming world Curry
There are lots of slimming world curries that I love, this is just one!
Fry chicken in fry light spray with onions, once fried add 2tsp of root ginger, 2tsp garlic, 1tbsp of curry powder, 1tsp cumin, ¼ tsp of turmeric, a tin of chopped tomatoes and 300ml of chicken stock.

Slimming World Chips
Chop up a large potato, either into wedges using the skin or chips after peeling. Place on a baking tray, spray with fry light and cover in salt and pepper and mixed herbs! They are gorgeous!

Slimming World Chilli
Fry minced pork in fry light, with onions, peppers and carrots. Once fried add in tin of chopped tomatoes, 1 tsp garlic paste, 2 tsp cumin,1 tsp cinnamon, 2tsps paprika, tin of kidney beans, tin of baked beans.

Each day I drank 2 litres of water, but also drank diet fizzy drinks along with a few cups of tea and milk. Just try to swap for healthy alternatives, I don’t really like salads or veg and have to force myself to eat them, it’s much easier for me to stick to healthy carbs and avoid fatty foods, oils, butters and sauces. I had a lot of cheats this week and did no exercise, so I’m not shocked about my 1 pound loss, although I always hope for more.

Please try it out and see what you think, see if it works for you, or tell me all about your weight loss program and your story! Also let me know any recipes that you have tried and loved! If you have any questions or need any advice please email me! And I’ll check in on Wednesday and let you know how I did!

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  1. Well done on your weight loss! It doesn't matter if you lose a little or a lot, you're still losing! Although it is frustrating and I feel your pain! I've been trying to lose weight for a while but I keep giving in to food :( I've definitely upped my game now though and I've taken up running which will hopefully help.
    Keep it up and I'm sure you'll do fab! :)

    Sian xo