Thursday, 23 July 2015

Beauty Naturals Review

I have some lovely products from Beauty Naturals that I have been meaning to tell you all about for way too long. A couple of these have appeared in blog posts before so thought it was time I gave them a full review.

Martha Hill Gentle Balancing Shampoo £5.60
The first time I washed my hair with this I was a little disappointed. Being a gentle shampoo, this has absolutely no scent, which I wasn’t over the moon about, but more weirdly this barely lathers. No matter how many times you rinse, lather and repeat this never foams up like my normal shampoos, which made me think that this just wasn’t doing the job properly. But once I had blow dried my hair I realised how much of a difference this had made to my hair. It gives my hair a really natural shine, it definitely made my hair look healthier and glossier. I was completely shocked but very pleased. Absolutely love it now, definitely worth a try for £5.60! Try to ignore the fact that it barely lathers and just use it like you would any other shampoo!

Revivals Harmonising Balm £10.50
This is made with white tea and rosehip so has quite a sweet floral scent. It’s a very very light face moisturiser (hardly a balm?!) but it’s great. This has appeared before on my blog because it is the perfect moisturiser under your makeup. In the summer when you are warm and just want a light fresh face this is perfect. It doesn’t make you feel like you are caked in product and is a light base for your makeup to sit on!

Palladio Brow Pencil in Taupe £7.00
This colour was a bit too light for me in hindsight but it is definitely buildable. They also come in blonde, auburn, brown and black, so I probably should have gone for brown. It applies really well and is really easy to apply. The brush end is perfect when trying to give a natural look using a pencil. It’s also made with natural wax so keeps your eyebrows healthy!

Palladio Herbal Lip Lacquer in Chic Magenta £9.00
This is a lip stain but without the horrible drying out because it is so glossy. Very pigmented and really really long lasting (my makeup wipe was no match!). A great lip gloss and not too sticky or gloopy. I wasn’t crazy about the colour as it is a very bright pink, but the Capri Coral and Belize Berry look absolutely stunning definitely worth a look.

Have a look around the Beauty Naturals website and let me know what you think, there is loads of choice?

Have you tried any of these products before? What did you think of them? 

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  1. These sound very nice.
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