Friday, 31 July 2015

Radox Shower Gels

A couple of months ago I picked up one of the new Radox shower gels in ASDA. The scents and packaging has had a little revamp so I was very intrigued to give them a try. They come in so many different fragrances and I have had the chance to try; Feel Bubbly (passionfruit), Feel Glam (berry), Feel Fantastic (cherry), Feel Gorgeous (coconut), Feel Rejuvenated (orange) and Feel Calm (Chamomile and Jojoba).

I am absolutely loving them, which I am sure that you can guess from the amount of different ones that I have tried. These are all highly fragranced and have the same washing and moisturising power that you expect from a Radox product. Absolutely loving the new packaging, cute names and the variety of scents. My favourite has got to be Feel Gorgeous, it’s really creamy and smells of sweet coconut. These have very quickly become my go to shower gel!

What shower gel are you using right now?

What do you think of the new Radox shower gels?

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