Friday, 31 July 2015

Insta Natural Cellulite Cream

I was recently sent some cellulite cream from InstaNatural, I am always so sceptical when it comes to cellulite cream, I find it hard to believe that something like this could ever really work, but I thought I should try it with an open mind and give it a fair try.

It contains caffeine, retinol, cocoa butter and shea butter, so it should smell absolutely delicious right? Well it doesn’t, it doesn’t smell awful as such, but it definitely has a strange scent, other than that it’s perfect. It applies really well, hasn’t irritated my skin and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It says on the packaging massage in to the skin morning and night. I used this for 7 days religiously, twice a day and after 7 days to my complete and utter disbelief it had made an improvement to my cellulite. It hadn’t disappeared completely, and my legs didn’t miraculously look like Cameron Diaz’s but it has definitely started to work.
It’s usually prices at £40.05 for 120ml, a crazy price I know. But it’s on sale now for £23.95 with free delivery in the UK, so I would definitely say that‘s worth it, would definitely recommend!
UK link: here
US link: here

What do you think of the Insta Natural Cellulite Cream?

What Cellulite creams work for you?


  1. I have this too :) Totally agree the original price is silly but for the promo price it's worth a go :)
    Gillian xx EyelinerFlicks

  2. I've just started testing this and it's reassuringly thick and creamy but doesn't make it impossible to pull my skinny jeans on lol Can't wait for the results after reading this - fingers crossed!

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