Friday, 14 August 2015

Rose Garden Scentiment Candle

I am very excited to finally be telling you all about Scentiment Candles! They are a brand new candles company based in Manchester, UK. In a few weeks time they will be doing their official launch and releasing 6 lovely scented candles! I have been lucky enough to try one of their candles in preparation for the official launch. There has been no advertising for these candles yet, as everything has been kept a big surprise.. until now!

This candle is available to buy now, on their website!

Rose Garden Candle

Their candles come in a large tin, they are much larger than I expected, that’s a lot of candle for £10, the tins are all grey and each different scent has a different coloured band, Rose Garden is pink! The packaging is really simple, which I love, and also very unisex which is definitely what you need when living with your other half. I know that we all want pink and fluffy and heart shaped, but Rob certainly doesn’t! Rob said the tin looked cool and he was more than happy with it sat in the middle of the coffee table.
The candle burns really nicely, and very evenly. The wick is really chunky which is perfect when you have a wide candle. The tin doesn’t get too hot and the candle seems to burn for hours and hours.
The scent is very strong – not over powering headache kind of strong, but it does fill the flat up with a lovely floral scent very quickly. Floral scents are never really my kind of thing, but this is really nice. I’m normally in to very sweet, fruity scents, but this actually made a really pleasant change for me. My mum absolutely adores it and mentioned the smell as soon as she came in to the flat.

I would definitely recommend. Have a look at their website and let me know what you think!

Can’t wait to tell you all about the next scent I receive from The Scentiment Candle Company. Don’t forget to follow them on twitter and keep up to date with their launch!

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