Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Angelica Nails

For any of you that follow me on Instagram you will definitely have noticed my insane love for Angelica Nails. The lovely people there recently sent me some nail varnishes to try out. They sent me a top coat, a base coat and 15 different varnishes. The varnishes are all very very affordable (around £2/£2.50) but more importantly there is so much choice, there is literally a nail varnish to match every outfit you have. The range is incredible and seems to always be changing and expanding.
All the varnishes apply super easily (Elfin was a tiny bit gloopy, but the other 16 varnishes I tried were the perfect consistency) and don’t chip easily! The base coat dries clear and keeps nails healthy and the top coat keeps nails looking really shiny. Both were really simple to use.

Glitter Range
Minty Fresh which is filled with greens and golds, Party Pants which is filled with blues, pinks and yellow and Brit Pop which seems to be filled with loads of different coloured glitter. They apply nicely and are easy to build up. They aren’t overly difficult to remove, just like any normal glitter varnish. I love glitter varnishes and look great in the Summer when the sun is shining!

Cashmere Range
These are coloured varnish that contain a shimmer, not quite chunks of glitter, but tiny little pieces that glisten when the light hits them. Feather which is a stunning white varnish which contains a pink shimmer, Merino which is a navy blue and contains a blue shimmer, Mohair which is a gorgeous grey that contains a lilac shimmer and Pashmina which is a nude that contains gold shimmer, a cool alternative to summer nude nails. They aren’t in your face glittery, but contain a gorgeous sheen that makes them look great and really sleek!

Scented Range.
Blueberry which is a pastel blue and Mango which is a pastel orange, both are scented when dry which is really cool. And the colours are stunning! They remind me of the gel pens that I used to be obsessed with as a kid! They need to make a grape one!!

Bold Range
I received two brighter varnishes which made a nice change from all the on trend summer pastels. Pillarbox Red which is a bright staple red, which I actually really needed. I have maroon reds, orangey reds, purpley reds, pinky reds but no red reds! This is perfect, really glossy and classic. It’s on my toes right now! And Rose Petal which is a bright pink – which is right up my street.

Pastel Range
This is my favourite range! Mint Mania which is a pastel mint, Elfin which is a beige, Apricot which is a pastel kind of coral colour and Sugar Daddy a pastel purple (what I have on my nails today!) Every keeps complementing my nails when I have these colours on, they are really on trend during this pastel Summer.

The range is absolutely HUGE! They also sell gel varnishes which are perfect if you don’t have acrylics as the varnishes last so much longer! I haven’t received a colour that I didn’t like! I still want to try Angel, Peppermint, Something Blue and Think Pink. There is so much choice! Have a look at their website and let me know what you think!
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Have you tried any of these nail varnishes? What did you think?
What is your favourite colours on their website?

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  1. Ooh that mint colour is beautiful and I've never seen one like it! These looks so lovely & I'm definitely going to check out their website if they're so affordable!
    prettymadthings.blogspot.co.uk // xo