Friday, 5 February 2016

What's In My Bag Feb 2016

Hi Everybody and Happy Friday! The weekend has finally arrived again, today I am working all day, then going to the gym, then hopefully chilling out in front of the tele! So today I thought I would do a ‘What’s in My Bag’ post, I am super nosey so I love reading these blog posts and watching the youtube videos, so thought I would share with you all exactly what’s in my bag. If you follow me on snapchat you will have already seen a lot of my handbag contents - if not, come follow me on snap: megandoesbeauty

The Bag
The bag I use every single day is from Marc B. I won’t go on about it too much because I think the bag has been discontinued so I won’t go on about it too much. Marc B have an amazing range so it’s definitely worth checking them out. It’s black leather, big and quite boxey, I use it for work so it’s perfect for fitting in paper work and folders as well as leaving room for my personal bits. It has two compartments, one with 2 little pockets perfect for my phone and lip balms and the other compartment has a large zip pocket. The inside is lined with leopard print and the buckles and detailing are gold.

The Makeup
The makeup I carry round with me depends on what makeup I’m wearing that day, so sometimes I will put in the lip stick I put on in the morning, or the eye shadow if it’s likely to need touching up, but here are the things that stay in my bad every single day.
The e.l.f tone correcting powder, whenever my skin is starting to look dull or discoloured throughout the day I will apply a bit of this powder. It has a yellow, blue, green and pink powder. The Green definitely has had the most use as it corrects redness, the yellow I use if my bags are starting to reappear and the blue I use if my foundation is starting to look a little muddy. The grey neautralises greys and when I’m starting to look a little oily I rub my brush around all of the colours and apply lightly over the whole of my face.
The No7 concealer in Cool Vanilla, this is great for on the go because it’s so easy to use.
The Lollipops eyeliner in Black, this has a twist up nib so it’s great for topping up on the go.
The Simple Revitalising Eye Roll On, this brightens eyes and also helps to make them feel soothed and less dry, I sit staring at a computer all day so normally by the afternoon my eyes are feeling tired and dry, rolling this on them definitely helps and doesn’t disrupt my makeup.
The e.l.f Zit Zapper, when spots start to appear I like to start treating them straight away to try and stop them in their tracks, this is a clear gel that dries down very well and doesn’t leave a visable residue so it’s perfect for over the top of makeup.
Vaseline, I have the worst Vaseline obsession, I have way too many and they seem to be hiding in every bag I own.
Victoria Secret Perfume Pencils, I have 6 of these and I like to take them out with me so that if/when my perfume starts to wear off I can top up with these. The one I have in my bag right now is Heavenly but ‘Bombshell’ is my all time favourite.
Maybelline Baby Lips, I have a few of these but the two I carry with me all the time are Too Cool, which is a clear balm that smells of mint. And the Pink Punch which smells lovely and fruity.
e.l.f Daily Moisture Stick, this is a clear hard gel moisturiser that I can apply over my makeup and it doesn’t move it around, it’s perfect those seriously dry patches.
Benefit Lipgloss, I always carry round the Hoola Lip gloss which is a gorgeous bronze shade and the ultra plush lipgloss which is a lovely pinky shade.
The Scentered Therapy Balm, you apply this balm to your pressure points and it’s meant to alleviate stress, I use it quite a lot mainly because I find the sent quite calming, it contains chamomile, neroli and mandarin.
Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Collection Lipstick in 45, this is a beautiful nude lipstick that has a bit of pink/red in it to make it easier to wear, so I tend to apply this during the day when I fancy a nude lip.
Lanolips Lip Ointment in Rhubarb, this is is lovely because it’s really thick and moisturising but is also packed with colour, it’s really glossy but unfortunately does not smell of rhubarb crumble!

Random Bits
My pink 2016 Diary from Paperchase, this has gold polka dots all over it, it’s so cute and has a week to view set up, absolutely obsessed with it.
My pencil case, I work as an assistant accountant and I am currently doing my exams to become a fully qualified accountant, so I always carry round my pencil case so that I can stay on top of my studying when I’m on the go.
My Pink Calculator, I love this! It’s the Casio fx-85GT Plus, scientific calculator. I think every girlie maths geek should have this.
My River Island purse, I love RI purses, they are my absolute favourite high street purses. It’s absolutely beautiful and has enough card spaces, which is critical for me.This was a Christmas pressie from my Mum, so if you’d like to see what else I go, check it out here:link
Dermatique Recuperating Cream, I suffer from eczema on my hands so I need to make sure I keep them moisturised at all times, some hand creams really irritate my skin, but because this is free from mineral oils and perfumes it doesn’t make my eczema worse, I did a full review on this so check it out if you suffer from the same thing as me:link
Swarovski Crystal Pen, I adore this pen I think it is absolutely beautiful so I take it everywhere with me, I love writing with it, definitely need to get myself an array of colours.

Please leave your Whats In My Bag links below so I can check them out.


  1. Awesome post! I love your bag! x

    Cait //

  2. I absolutely love that diary, and your bag.