Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Avon Colour Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick

Avon Colour Trend Kiss n Go Lipstick

I Love Avon! I used to be an Avon representative a couple of years ago when I was at college, to fund my partying lifestyle along with my part-time job. During that time I came to realise how much of a good brand Avon is, even though it is reasonably priced. I have found that high price doesn’t always mean high quality!

So I ordered myself 3 Color Trend Kiss n Go lipsticks. They are priced at £3.75, buy one get two free. So yes – I got three lipsticks for £3.75. I already know what you are thinking – that they are going to be totally awful and I shouldn’t have wasted my time, but bare with me guys! The packaging doesn’t look amazing, with the plain white tube, however it has a transparent band around the tube so you can see the colour of your lipstick without opening which I did think was really cool.

Lucky Kiss


Let’s start with my favourite in colour ‘Lucky Kiss’. I was desperate to find myself a darker red lipstick for Autumn as I usually stick with bright red or pinks. I didn’t want to take too much of a risk and go for a purple so I went for this darker red. The stick itself looks much more purple/brown than dark red but when it goes on your lip it looks totally different and is really pigmented. It is a gorgeous colour exactly the warm toned red/purple lipstick I was searching for. It has a slight shimmer in which makes your lips look extra warm. I am quite an olive toned brunette, and if you’re the same then I would definitely recommend this colour. It applied very easy and smells gorgeous. Now as you’d probably guessed by the price, the lipstick doesn’t stay on very well, it fades quite easy so make sure you take it with you on the go to touch up whenever needed

The next colour I bought was in colour ‘Amethyst’, this is a much pinkier colour. I picked it because I knew it would be a safe bet, knowing that Lucky Kiss was a bit of a risk and I might have hated it when it arrived. Amethyst isn’t very pigmented, nor does it particularly have a shade. It’s very similar to the colour of my natural lip. I have been wearing the lipstick to work quite a lot, as it’s nice and subtle but has a lot of shimmer in it, kind of gives the look of having a clear lipgloss on without your lips looking wet and sticky. However, like Lucky Kiss, it fades very easily and needs constant reapplying, but also smells great and applied very easily.

                                                     Pink Holiday

The third colour I chose was ‘Pink Holiday’, when it arrived I was very excited about it, the stick itself looks like a very bright pink. However it isn’t very pigmented so you have to apply ALOT to make your lips pop like the stick itself. This colour is a lot less shimmery than the other two colours. It is a lovely shade, but it isn’t quite as bold as you would think by looking at the stick. It applies really easily and leaves your lips feeling very soft! However like the other two colours, it needs touching up ALOT!

Were they worth the £3.75 for all three? Definitely! I absolutely loved Lucky Kiss, and have been wearing it a lot even if it does need reapplying. It’s perfect for Autumn and exactly the colour I’ve been searching for. Amethyst is perfect for during the day, and has a really shimmery look. And Pink Holiday is a lovely colour and goes really well with a smokey eye or a bold eye shadow. They are all easy to apply and smell great, leaving your lips feeling very soft!

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  1. They look really good, I'm thinking about trying them now. :3 :)