Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Argon Oil Tips

A few years ago I was complaining to my Mum’s mobile hair dresser that my hair never grows. A close friend of mine was a hairdresser and she told me that the best way to get your hair to grow is to get it cut all the time, this keeps it healthy and helps it to grow. I never found this to be the case and all it meant was that every time my hair got back to it’s original length it needed cutting again. That’s when my Mum’s hairdresser recommended Argon Oil. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

I ordered some shampoo from Avon that had Argon Oil in it - at the time it was the only place I could find that sold it. And within a few weeks my hair was quickly growing much longer than it ever had before. A few years on and my hair is the longest out of every one of my family and friends. It’s healthy, easy to maintain and the exact length that I have been hoping for throughout my entire teen years.

Now that Argon oil is much more readily available and cheaper to get hold of I have an array of Argon Oil products. I use the shampoo and conditioner most times that I wash my hair. The one that I’m currently using I got from Tesco for £1.I also use the oil about twice a week. You put a little bit on your palm and rub it over damp hair, then blow dry and style. About the size of a penny is enough for me, and I have a lot of hair! Don’t go overboard with the oil because it will make your hair look very greasy.

I have also started to completely smoother my hair in Argon Oil once every fortnight. I take a full day, when I am not going to leave the house and cover my entire hair and scalp with it. I apply around 40 pumps on to my dry hair (as opposed to the 3 that I use on a normal day before blow drying) this makes my hair look so oily that it looks soaking wet. It looks absolutely vile but I leave it on for around 8 hours. Then I wash it out. It takes a couple of rinses and I’ve found that it’s better to use a head and shoulders or a strong shampoo. But the results after are amazing. Once your hair is washed thoroughly and dried it looks completely different and as healthy as when it has been freshly cut. If you want silky hair, give it a try, but make sure you won’t need to nip to the shops.

Do you use Argon Oil? 
What other hair oils have you tried? 

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  1. ive heard so many good things about different oils that are supposed to work wonders on your hair, but have never tried any myself... this sounds great though! i think i will try it out! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I have the heat protector spray of this brand of Argan Oil products and I think it's amazing! I have to say the price tag is rather appealing too hehe :p Xx