Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas Presents Review

I had a fantastic Christmas. I'm sure (and hoping) that you all did too. And just like every previous year, I received some gorgeous Christmas presents, and like all beauty fanatics, a lot of cosmetics! So I thought I would share them with you!

These are a selection of my presents this year - don't worry I won't bore you with a review of them all. My main (and favourite) present was my iPad Air 2 and my lovely purple spotty case from my parents. Which I am using right now to blog YAYYY! I also received some Nicki Minaj tickets from my boyfriend - super exciting. And a gorgeous river island bag from my sister which I'm sure will make an appearance in a blog post soon. And like everyone else I received a collection of wine, chocolates and vouchers. 

This is my new TRESemm√® hair dryer from my amazing grandma. Complete with heat protection spray, 4 rollers and changeable heads. I was in desperate need of a new hairdryer as my old one was on the way out! And this one is perfect! It works really well and is really powerful. The heat protection spray has the usual TRESemm√® scent - which I love. And I am yet to use the rollers but I'm a big roller fan so I’m sure they will greatly appreciated.

Here I have a vanilla candle from my mum, which is in a leopard print, glass holder. Absolutely love it and it smells gorgeous. I also received this glass tea light candle holder from my boyfriend which is from ASDA. I love it and can't wait to get some lovely Yankee tea lights to put in it. The cupcake bath bombs are from my boyfriends sister along with the wax melts. The melts are from Kaunis Koti candles, they are a pick n mix bag of handmade wax melts made from 100% Eco soy wax. They all smells lovely and come in a variety of different shapes. Can't wait to try them out! And finally my LUSH soap, I bought this myself using some Christmas money. It's called godmother and cost me £4.77 it smells lovely and has a slight sparkle to it. 

This is a perfume from Next which I bought myself using a voucher that my boyfriend's grandma got for me. It cost just £14 for 75ml and smells great it's very sweet like s fruity floral scent and smells a lot like Cacharel Amor Amor. It is very long lasting and would be a great day to night perfume.

This is my collection of No 7 goodies. The Eye Collection box is from my auntie it has a pair of eye lash curlers which are fantastic. A lash impact intense volume control mascara in black, a stay perfect amazing eye pencil in black and a stay perfect shade and define in gunmetal grey which is quite sparkly and I am so excited to try. It also has a built in sharpener in the base! Then I have my wonderful No 7 boxes set which is from my boyfriend. This contained a bath soak, cleansing lotion, body wash and a body lotion which is thick and creamy and extremely moisturising. It also contains a day cream and a night cream which are both fantastic. The day cream isn't too greasy so you can apply before make up. A dry skin rescue which you use on really dry patches of your skin which has been great after this terrible weather and hand cream which is great on the sensitive skin on my hands. And also a lovely lashes mascara which is lovely for the day time as it isn't too thick and a BB lips balm in baller in which is very shiny, neutral and keeps lips very soft. I was so impressed with this box and if any of you spot it in the sales make sure you pick it up! 

This Revlon bag I bought with my Christmas money which I plan on using in my bag to carry my on the go make up. I also bought two clay masks from Superdrug. I was also desperate to try the new B. range from Superdrug so picked up an eyeshadow in nougat which is quite neutral but sparkly and a blusher in sherbet. The bronzer is also from Superdrug from the I <3 make up range and is called chocolate desire. The lip gloss is from Benefit and is in ultra plush. It was from a cracker that my boyfriend’s sister made for me. It was a great idea and I love it. It smells lovely and the colour is a lovely neutral colour which everyone would love. 

These body butters I bought from Boots using my Christmas money. They were half price in the sale down to £4. They smell amazing and are really creamy. 

These I also bought myself using my Christmas money. The in the buff lightly toasted eye palette which I have heard so much about and am so excited to try. The I <3 make up you're gorgeous eye palette which looks great and has such a big selection of matte and shimmer eye shadows. A max factor lipstick in midnight plum which is a purpley red which is great for the rest of the winter months and Rimmel Kate lipstick in 33. It's very pink but applies do nicely and is very creamy. 

A MAC eyeshadow palette from my boyfriends mum which I absolutely LOVE. Its great for creating all kinds of looks. Definitely worth a buy. 

A ted baker nail varnish set from my boyfriend. It contains 3 varnishes, a set of nail wraps and a nail art pen. 

A revolution lip set also from my boyfriend. I love this. It contains 3 lip pencils, a gloss and a mirror. The pencils are in 3 very different colours. A bright red, a bright pink and an orangey red. Can't wait to try them out! 

This is a Retox pamper pack that I received from my friend in secret Santa. It contains eye gel pads, foot cream, a hair mask and a face mask. I am so so so excited to try these especially as I had never heard of it before. 

This benefit set is from my brother. I am so excited to try this as I haven't tried a lot of benefit products before but have heard some wonderful things about them. It contains the porefessional which I am yet to try, some eye shadows, hoopla which I am yet to try, and a lip gloss. It also contains the they're real mascara which I adore so I am very pleased to get some more of it. The tin is so cute! 

What did you get for Christmas? 
Have you received any of the same gifts. If so what did you think?


  1. Such a detailed and interesting post,
    you got some great presents huh!

    Merry nearly new year!!

    eyelineretiuquette.blogspot.com xo

  2. So many makeup goodies amazing!