Monday, 1 December 2014

Beauty Beam

I’ve recently tried out the Beauty Beam. Now this cute little devise is a small light that you can put onto your beauty tools in order to enhance your view of what you’re doing. A few years ago I tried a pair of tweezers that had a light fixed on to it. This made the tweezers really chunky and quite hard to use and most of all, once you started moving your hand and wrist around, swapping between eyes, you started blocking out the light, but the Beauty Beam is SOOO different.

It has a little elastic band around the back of the light, which means that you can move it between different tools, move it to different distances along the tool and more importantly also move it around the circumference. This means that you can adjust were the light sits depending on which way your hand is.

It comes in a variety of different colours and costs JUST £4.99. It’s fantastic. It fits on lip brushes, eye shadow brushes and even face brushes, because the band is so stretchy. You can put it on lip sticks and glosses, eye liners and eyebrow pencils and tweezers. I found that in the middle of the day, it doesn’t make a huge difference. But at night when you’re getting ready to go out to a bar or club, it’s a massive help, especially when applying false eye lashes!! I get up for work at 6am, so with these dark winter mornings it’s a great product to use. It’s also really good for plucking your eyebrows –there’s nothing worse than stepping into good light and noticing how bad your eyebrows are – you can see all the fine hairs that you sometimes miss.

This is a fantastic product, really works and is so easy to pop in your make up bag or hand bag and can be carried with you on the go. It’s light weight, easy to use and looks really cute. It also comes with a battery, which is great, so you can use it straight away.

On sale at and amazon.

Have you tried the Beauty Beam, what did you think?

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