Saturday, 20 December 2014

Taboo Beauty Products

I love trying out new products and recommending them to my friends, family and all of you guys. I scroll through social media and blog sites and see millions of recommendations for glamorous and gorgeous products. But there are A LOT of products out there that we all use but no one wants to talk about. We all have tried great variations and horrendous variations of the product from different brands and we all have our favourites that we would normally recommend to everyone that would listen – but these products are sometimes seen as unladylike, unattractive and sometimes just too boring. So I think it’s time to discuss some of those ‘Taboo’ products. DON’T WORRY, they aren’t too gross that you have to put down your dinner.

Let me start with deodorant. For some reason, women like to pretend that we don’t sweat, we don’t need deodorant and we always smell amazing without even trying. Unfortunately this isn’t true! We all wear deodorant, we’ve all tried rubbish brands and we all have our favourites that we ALWAYS wear, so why does no one ever talk about it? I never see blog posts comparing different brands and ‘Just tried this!’ posts. So I think it’s about time that we started. When I was going through puberty, I sweat a lot – and I mean a lot so because of this period in my life I have tried A LOT of different brands. I now use Mitchum. This was recommended to me by a friend that I lived with at Uni. Before then I had always used Sure, Sure smells lovely and comes in some many different scents, but unfortunately it was never strong enough for me. Mitchum works a dream! I use the roll on, it’s a little annoying because you have to sit down for 5 minutes after your shower to let it dry, but it definitely works the best! Now I never have to worry about sweating, even if I spend the day at work then go to the gym. I also have a spray on deodorant that I carry with me on the go just incase. It has a few scents, none are overly scented, but all smell pretty nice. Mitchum have recently changed their packaging. It was more of a darker green, so the new packaging looks much more feminine. It’s sold almost everywhere, the roll-ons sell for £2.89 in boots.

Cosmetic buds. These are quite dull and definitely not in pretty packaging, but they work a treat. If you don’t already use buds, or if you use regular cotton buds, then you need to get yourself some of these. You can get them for really cheap. These ones sell in Boots for £1.80 for 80 buds. They have one rounded end and one pointed end. They are perfect for fixing makeup! I am constantly doing my mascara, then spraying my perfume, it makes me sneeze and my eyelashes then leave little mascara dots all around my eyes, these buds are perfect for clearing that up without spoiling the rest of your makeup!

Let’s talk face wipes. Now I know some people say you shouldn’t use face wipes to remove your makeup and some people say they cause spots or dryness, but I’ve never found that to be the case. I use Simple wipes, I’ve tried many different brands and Simple seem to work best for me. They don’t irritate my skin but are strong enough to remove all of my makeup. They are super quick to use. These retail in Boots for £3.99. I have tried the exfoliating ones, but they seem too harsh for my skin.

Veet hair removal cream. Yes, we all have unwanted hair. Some more than others. I struggle to find a hair removal cream that it strong enough to work on my leg hair. So if any of you know a brand, please let me know!! My leg hair is too thick and coarse to be removed by creams – another downside of being brunette. However I love the Veet Sensitive for all other unwanted hair, it works a treat and doesn’t irritate my skin.

My Ped Egg! Now a lot of people don’t want to talk Ped Eggs. My boyfriend thinks it is the most disgusting tool that has ever been invented, but I think it is by far the best. If you feel too ashamed to walk to the counter with a Ped Egg then please please try and stifle your shame. It is amazing. It has removed all hard and rough skin on my feet and have left them looking and feeling amazing. It’s unreal how much difference it makes after just one use! It’s so easy to use, it looks like it’s going to hurt your feet but it definitely doesn’t. Give it a try!

Do you have any Taboo products that you are dying to share but feel too embarrassed?
What’s your favourite brand of deodorant or face wipes?


  1. Haha love the idea of this. There definitely taboo beauty products that nobody talks about. Deodorant is a must.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Really liked your post!
    Did not know the brand yet!


  3. Love these cotton buds!!!!! Never looked back since buying these little babies.

  4. I really like the idea of this post. I wish more people would talk up more about these sort of products as they really are necessities for the majority of us. My favourite deodorant brand is Dove. I ALWAYS get the same one, the cucumber fragranced roll on, it smells lovely and I find it works a treat for me :) xx

  5. I use the Dove deodorants and tend to change scent each time I buy them but they all smell amazing. I'm tempted to try the Mitchum though! x

  6. Ohh I wish more people would speak about these 'taboo' products too! ^ ^

  7. i love this post and am defo going to write one up after the year. gotta love ped egg - my husband asked me why i was grating my feet lol I just had to laugh. they work wonders though