Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Dermatique Recuperating Cream

As some of you will already know I have suffered from eczema for my whole life. When I was a baby and toddler I was absolutely covered in it, from head to toe, as I got older it started to affect me only in certain patches age seems to have resolved the issue, but the one area that I have always had eczema, is on my hands. I don’t think that will ever leave me, I don’t believe that I will ever grow out of it, I think this is something that I will have to live with forever so I try my very best to manage it well.
During hot and moist weather, my eczema gets much worse, again when it’s very cold and dry. So throughout a lot of the year my eczema is hard to control. When my eczema gets really bad my skin is itchy and very painful, due to the severe dryness it causes my skin to crack and cut so my hands are filled with tiny cuts along all my natural hand creases. When my eczema isn’t flared up, the skin on my hands is just dry and sensitive, which I guess is a problem lots of people have. When my eczema is good I try to use moisturiser as much as possible and make sure my hands are always dried properly after washing. However when my eczema is bad and my skin is sore and broken I can’t use hand creams as the perfume makes my hands sting and hurt. During this time I use a medicated cream that is prescribed by my doctor, it works perfectly however the cream is extremely greasy! I can’t do anything with the cream on as it smears all over everything. So I just use the cream at night before I go to sleep.
So I am constantly on the lookout for a hand cream that I can use when my eczema is bad that I can use throughout the day, that won’t irritate or hurt my hands, that is sensitive but that will also add lots of moisture in to my skin without making my hands unbearably greasy. That’s when I was approached by Dermatique and asked if I would like to try their Recuperating Cream.

Dermatique Recuperating Cream
£29.00 – shop here
This cream is fantastic, it keeps my skin really soft but more importantly it doesn’t irritate my eczema and doesn’t make my hands hurt. It keeps my skin soft throughout the day without being horribly greasy and inconvenient. If you suffer from eczema and want a cream to use throughout the day to keep skin soft that doesn’t irritate your skin then this is 100% for you. There is no scent in the cream and no colour, it is a little greasy but nowhere near as bad as the medicated cream I use. You can use this all over your body and it also works for psoriasis. Perfect for anyone with sensitive dry skin.

Have you tried this cream, what did you think?

What do you use to keep your eczema at bay?


  1. i have the most sensitive skin so this sounds like something i would absolutely love to try! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. This sounds amazing!
    Charlotte //