Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Glossybox Top 10

It has been a year since I first signed up to Glossybox, in that time I have received 12 boxes, and 2 limited edition boxes. I have found some amazing products, some great brands and some products that I have repurchased time and time again. I didn’t realise it was my 12th box until I received a card with my August box and a Glossybox notebook to say thanks! So I thought I would do my top 10 products that I have received over the last year, this was much harder than I thought as there was so many others that I wanted to include.
10. Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp
£5.50 – Dec 2014 Box
This is a tonic that you apply to your scalp, after towel drying before you blow dry. It’s a bit like a moisturiser for your head, it keeps skin soft and flake free. I use this pretty much every time I wash my hair and I still have loads left! Will definitely be repurchasing when this eventually runs out!

9. Collection Field Day Lipstick – 2 Tulip
£2.99 – March 2015 Box
This formula is really smooth and fairly long lasting. The colour is quite a peachy pink, and looks really nice on lots of skin tones. At £2.99 it’s such a bargain, and I will definitely be looking at other colours in the range.

8. MONUspa Rosewood Reviving Mist
£11.95 – June 2015 Box
This mist is designed to refresh your face and makeup, when it’s starting to look dried out, or you feel really hot and sticky. This also helps to keep makeup in place and acts like a fixing spray. It certainly helps to keep makeup in place, I have been using this before going clubbing after finishing off my makeup and it really does work. The rose smells is really subtle, but really refreshing

7. Benefit – They’re Real Mascara
£19.50 – Harvey Nics Limited Edition Box
I won’t bang on about this, you all know what it is. It’s a great formula and the prefect rubber wand that helps to lengthen lashes by providing separation. Absolutely love this and will be repurchasing

6. Nails Inc – Westminster Bridge Matte Topcoat
£12 – September 2014 Box
This was in the very first box that I received from Glossybox, it’s a matte top coat that transforms your nails from your regular polish, in to a cool matte nail. I love using this black polish as I think it looks really sleek. Absolutely love it, and it’s a great alternative to revamp up old varnishes. Great for Autumn!

5. Jelly Pong Pong Luminizer Gel
£10 – January 2015 Box
This is a gel that works like a highlighter, but gives a much more dewy natural finish than a shimmery powder. I use this in the daytime applying it to the tops of my cheek bones and down my nose for a natural glow.
4. Sachajuan Hair Repair
£23 – Treatment Collection Limited Edition Box
This is a leave in conditioner, it smells pretty floral and works amazingly. It gives hair an immediate rehydration and makes it look sleek and soft. I have probably one more use left in this which I have been trying to save for as long as I can. This is the best leave in conditioner that I have ever used.

3. Naobay Moisturising Peel
£13.71 – March 2015 Box
The picture of this will look different to the normal Naobay style, I keep this in the shower and the water forced the normal wooden lid to crack and break off. This is a face exfoliater with tiny little beads to help scrub away dead skin. I try to use this once a week to keep my skin clear and bright. It makes an instant different to my face and isn’t too harsh on skin. It has the usual fresh Naobay scent that I love, just an overall amazing product and a great addition to your skin care routine.

2. Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
£29 – Harvey Nics Limited Edition Box
This is the BEST primer I have ever tried, it’s a little pricey but it definitely keeps makeup looking great all day and night. I absolutely love it, the formula isn’t drying and doesn’t cause any nasty breakouts. It’s a fantastic product and even though I try to use it sparingly, I will definitely be repurchasing.

1. Show Beauty Divine Thickening Mist
£35 – Harvey Nics Limited Edition Box
I have tried so many thickening mist as my hair is always super flat and I can’t find one that works like this (if you have a great one please let me know in the comments). The smell reminds me of 90s fake tan – you will understand if you have it. I apply it to my roots after towel drying before blow drying and it gives my hair an instant boost. I absolutely love this stuff! The price is a little expensive but worth it, if like me you suffer from flat head!

Well that was my top 10!  Hope you enjoyed and maybe I have convinced you to sign up to Glossybox. If I have then check out their website – here.
Have you tried any of these products, what did you think?

What other beauty boxes do you love?

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  1. I've been looking for a good primer and I'll definitely try out Laura Mercier! x