Sunday, 20 September 2015

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts

I am the biggest lavender fan! I have lavender candles, bath bombs, oils and obviously a couple of sticks  of lavender in a vase on the dining table. So these bath salts from Neal’s Yard Remedies sounded perfect for me! This is the biggest jar of bath salts that I have ever seen (500g) and you barely need any to fill your bath with lovely lavender scents, so I can see this lasting me forever!

The salts make your bath smell gorgeous, perfect for a long relaxing soak after work for when you just want to chill out with some candles on, the smell is so soothing and relaxing. It left my skin feeling really soft and obviously very clean. The smells lasts for ages on your skin after your bath which is lovely, I hate using lovely scented shower products, then getting out and losing the scent straight away. I’ve also mixed this with some of my Radox lavender bubble bath for when I want to add some bubbles in, the two go great together and don’t get too sickly sweet.

This stuff is perfect for a nice pamper night, and great now that we are getting in to Autumn/Winter when everyone really wants a hot bath and to spend the evening in your pyjamas. Definitely recommend!  Check out their website to purchase!

Have you tried these bath salts? What did you think?
What other Neal’s Yard products do you love?

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