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York Guide

I am finally telling you all about my fantastic trip to York a couple of weeks ago! Me and Rob went away for the weekend for his 25th Birthday. We visited York throughout the day and stayed in Melbourne just outside of York, we had a fantastic time and I have been dying to tell you all about my trip, so if you are planning on visiting York soon or looking for a new UK break destination then here is my York Guide!
Acorn Glade, Melbourne
Website here
This is a couple’s only glamping retreat, they have 2 yurts and 1 log cabin and it is situated on a gorgeous fishing lake! The couple that own it are so lovely and really helpful! Me and Rob stayed in the log cabin, which had a king-sized bed and was beautifully furnished. It has a very cosy, cute, rustic feel. It had tea/coffee making facilities and a log burning fire for cosy nights in. It’s all VERY eco friendly and ran on solar power. But there are electrical points in the communal kitchen/bathroom area to charge phones and dry your hair. It was so beautiful and peaceful, the perfect relaxing holiday destination. You wake up to the sounds of birds tweeting, ducks quacking and cows mooing. Each morning when I got up I saw wild bunnies hopping along, and driving through the village we saw a hare!

York Castle Museum
Website here
This is one of the best museums I have ever been to! There is a section about WW1, the sixties and old toys. There are Victorian rooms set up that you can peer in to, and see how the rich and the poor used to live. There are the York Castle Prisons that you can walk through, which are quite spooky. But my absolutely favourite part of the museum was the life sized Victorian street. You can walk down the cobbled streets and look in to Victorian shop window. It was such a cool experience.
Last year I made me and Rob a scrap book for all our trips away, filled with pictures, ticket stubs and postcards. So from the Museum shop I picked up a postcard showing the Victorian street and a pack of yummy bon bon’s.

Clifford’s Tower
Situated right next to the museum you can climb up the ridiculous amount of steps and go and look round the old tower. It was really cool and best of all, you can climb up to the top of the tower and get a fantastic view of York! Well worth a visit!

The Shambles
The Shambles is an old street in the middle of York, filled with cafe’s, pubs and really interesting shops. It is really picturesque and the cobbled streets give a really Victorian feel. It’s filled with souvenir shops, chocolate shops, fudge shops, sweet shops, candle shops and tea shops. It is such a great place to go and is filled with hustle and bustle. Here I picked up a bag of stunning chocolates, which are now long gone! And my cute Viking fridge magnet. Every time that me and Rob go away we always pick up a fridge magnet so after a lot of hunting round, this little Viking man was the perfect addition to our collection.

Yorkshire Lavender
Website here
This was one of my favourite places to visit, it is a stunning, well kept 60 acre garden filled with lavender displays. The smell is incredible and it looks so beautiful! It was so peaceful and looked out over lots of Yorkshire countryside. We went in to the tea rooms and ordered scones with blueberry and lavender jam (mine was a lavender scone), it was absolutely gorgeous! I went a little crazy in the gift shop picking up a jar of the jam, a pencil, lavender oil, lavender and honey soap, lavender bath bomb and two bunches of lavender, and a bottle of locally brewed cider for Rob! I went a little lavender crazy, but when in Rome!!

York Cold War Bunker
Website here
This bunker was build during the Cold War in order to protect us from nuclear attacks that the country thought were inevitable. Turns out, they were wrong and the bunkers were never officially used. However were used for drills up and down the country for years. It was a really cool experience and the guide was super informative. I picked up a post card and a pencil from the gift shop (I know I have a problem)

York Maze
Website here
So me and Rob decided that the York Maze would be a perfect idea, I assumed that this was a giant hedge maze that you wandered around for hours. Turns out we were wrong this is 100% a children’s place, the maze is made with corn (maize – very clever!) and is definitely build with children in mind, there are clues to answer and posts to peer above the maze to get a better idea of where to go. If you have kids, you NEED to go, there are a million different things for them to do and loads of picnic areas. However me and Rob made a very swift exit!

York Minster
This is a very iconic Minster situated in the middle of York, even if like me you aren’t religious you still need to go, the building itself is absolutely stunning. It was really interesting and very peaceful. The choir was practicing when we arrived so that was an amazing experience. I obviously bought a pencil!

York Castle Gardens
These gardens are absolutely amazing and really picturesque, it’s filled with flowers, butterflies and more importantly ice cream vans! You can see a lot of the old Castle wall ruins in the gardens. Definitely worth a stroll round if the weather is nice!

Pocklington Canal
Really lovely walk along the canal, you can also book boat rides. Loads of dog walkers and picnic areas.

We had such an amazing time and will definitely be visiting York again! We loved it!

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  1. I'm going to York in November so this post is very helpful, thank you :)! Sounds like you had a lovely time.

    Christie x