Sunday, 27 September 2015

Glove Your Body Tanning Mitt

A little while ago I was sent a tanning mitt and an exfoliating mitt from Glove Your Body, I originally saw them on twitter, their account is here if you want to check it out. They are sold in Euros, but they are distributed worldwide. You can buy the mitts separately or together for €24.99. So here is what I thought!

Self Tanning Application Mitt
I was originally drawn in by the leopard print, for anyone that knows me, they will know that I am a crazy leopard print fan, if there is a leopard print option, I’ll order it! Once it arrived, I realised that it came in a plastic travel bag, this is reusable with recloseable popper buttons and handle. I thought that was a fantastic idea! Me and my friends sometimes like to get together to get ready for nights out (definitely the best part of the night) so this is perfect, you can pop the mitt back inside the plastic bag and then you can put that in your luggage or handbag without worrying that it’s going to get tan all over your clothes! The mitt is super spongy so it does absorb quite a lot of the tan that you apply, but if you squeeze your hand together then the product will resurface for use. It was super soft on my skin! The tan applied really well and it works for both instant and gradual tan, it didn’t streak or go patchy at all. It is also machine washable, so it’s completely reusable and long lasting. The thing that I think makes this tanning mitt better than the £1 mitts from drugstores and worth the price tag is the way it can be held, it can be used on left and right hands, and because there is a thumb slot it means that it doesn’t slide off, it also has finger slots in the glove which is perfect for hard to reach places because there’s no chance the glove will slide off. I asked Rob to put some tan on my back for me, and without the finger slots I think this would have gone disastrously for a first time user. All in all, definitely worth a purchase I absolutely love this, definitely my new favourite mitt.

Scrub Your Body Exfoliation Mitt
I love the way this looks because of the leopard print band and the fact it is brown, so you won’t spot any tan discolouration, it also has a cute little hook to hang it up in the shower. It’s really exfoliating which is great to use before applying tan to make sure skin is soft and all dead skin cells are removed to avoid streaking. But this is also great for removing tan after use, sometimes instant tan leaves a horrible tint on your skin after a shower, and this ensures that all of the tan is removed. It also helps to remove gradual tan before reapplying. It works and does exactly what it should. Would I say this is worth €9.99? No, there are a lot of cheaper alternatives that do the exact same job, but if you buy the tanning mitt too, this would cost just €5. So if you’re planning on buying the tanning mitt, it would definitely be worth your money to get this too!

You can buy Glove Your Body mitts here

Have you tried the Glove Your Body mitts, what did you think?
What tanning mitts do you love?

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  1. I haven't heard of this brand before, but an exfoliating mitt sounds great!

    xo, Liz